Thursday, January 22, 2015

Written Communication

What does the relationship between writing and design have to do with good communication?

I believe the relationship between writing and design have to do with good communication in that there has to be a design when you are communicating whether it is through a poster or through pictures or through a certain font.  Writing and design go together, like the photo essay we are going to be doing.  We are going to have to write and there will be a design, the photo.  I believe that good communication always has to do with writing and design because you see all the stuff they advertise on TV and then you go into a certain store that is selling that certain item and they made a poster for it with some kind of quote that makes you think... maybe I should buy it because it looks like a good product.  Writing and design go together to make good communication because I believe that with design, whatever you are writing will catch someones eye such as an attention grabber.  It makes the certain text more interesting and engaging.  Design makes good communication in that people will want to read the text and design can help make it "pop."

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

In Class Reflection

What do you think of blogs?
I never really thought about blogs.  I've seen people writing blogs in either movies or TV shows but never myself have I ever thought about making my own blog.  I think blogs are a way for people to talk to others if they have no one else to talk to.  They are a way to get frustration or anger out or stories they want to tell but have no one to tell them to.

Can a blog be useful?
A blog can be useful in that if you want someone to talk to, there is always someone reading your blog and they can even respond to your blog or make a comment.  Blogs can be useful, like I said above, in getting anger or frustration out.  They can be useful for telling stories or in general if you feel like you have no one, you can talk or communicate to someone and make relationships through a blog.

Does a "blog" or "a blogger" signify a specific type of person to you? 
I have never written or read blogs before, but whenever I think of a person who write blogs I imagine a writer or someone who wants to be a journalist.

What kind of person blogs?
I think that people who like to write blog.  They want to share what they write and wants other people to really read it and can also get feedback.

Could a blog have a use for you? What would that be?
I think a blog could have a use for me.  I am not a writer and I don't enjoy writing but if I had a blog I would most likely write about my life, my family or sports.