Thursday, February 19, 2015

Poster Analysis: Cars 2 Movie

I can tell from the poster that Cars 2 is a comedy because of the way the creator designed how the cars look.  It is almost silly in a way with how one car has two front teeth and one car even has a mustache.  All of the cars without even seeing the movie look like they all have their own personalities, they all look very different.  Along with that the poster looks to me like the movie would be a comedy, the colors the creator used catches the audiences eye.  The creator uses dark colors throughout most of the poster and I think the creator did that to make it seem technological.  The floor that the cars are sitting on is very techno as well.  The dark colors also make all the cars stand out and even though it is a very dark poster all the cars are smiling which makes the audience feel emotion and makes them want to smile back at the poster.  With the world in the background the audience can assume that the movie may take place in different parts of the world.  With the world in the background my eyes tend to circle around it, but it always brings my eyes back to the main part, the cars.  My eyes start from the title "Cars 2" and follows on downward because of the arrow like feel or in other words the car logo to direct the audiences eyes towards the actual characters in the movie, the cars.  Overall I think the purpose of the poster was to make it seem technological because the whole movie is about cars and the dark colors make the cars really stand out especially the way the title in the car logo directs the audiences eye towards the characters who are all strange looking but show how the movie is a comedy because of the way they were drawn or characterized.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Purpose Statement

PURPOSE: I want to explain soccer, my injuries, my cousin who is a nurse and how nursing is a great job and yes some people think that it doesn’t pay well but it can and it is more than money that you get out of nursing, you get a sense of giving back to the community.  You are able to help people in need when they are sick or help parents that lose loved ones and talk to them to make them feel better.  It is a very emotional job and I know that because my cousin, Jenny, is a nurse as well and she ended up traveling to Haiti one summer after she graduated to help the people there.  Now she goes to Haiti almost twice a year for months at a time and wants to move there.  She fell in love with Haiti and the wonderful people there and she cherishes all the memories.  If I ever ask her about Haiti she ends up in tears because we are so fortunate for what we have and they don’t have much.  She doesn’t only go there as a nurse to help the ones who are sick, she goes there to help build houses as well as relationships with the people.  I hope my audience will feel that nursing is a great career and it is not only taking care of people, it’s being emotionally tied to people and helping them whether they are sick or not.  I have had 3 knee surgeries from playing soccer and one that actually happened during the middle of 2014 and those nurses that helped me as well as my cousin, have inspired me to become a nurse myself.  When I had my knee surgeries, the nurses were always very sweet and loving.  My love for nursing only gets stronger and stronger because the nurses I see are great people and it makes me want to be like them and make people feel the way that those nurses made me feel.  I want to be a pediatric nurse because going through my surgeries the nurses were so fantastic and always kept me calm and were such sweet people.  I was inspired to communicate with others when my grandpa, having cerebral palsy, fell over his walker and ended up breaking his wrist and getting multiple stitches in his chin.  I would go and keep him company at the hospital until he got to leave.  I would talk to the wonderful nurses there and they treated my grandpa and myself with respect and always had a smile on and always came into the hospital room to talk with my grandpa, just friendly communication.  That made me want to communicate with others or in general the older people in society because sometimes they are lonely and all they want is someone to talk to.  I believe the best possible outcome of communication would be that it helps people know that they are cared about.  The worst possible outcome of communication is someone reading the message wrong and getting angry or upset because people interpret certain things in a certain way.
AUDIENCE: My audience are my classmates as well as future nurses and even current nurses.  They are kind, sweet and caring people that are open to hearing new things.  If my audience were here now, I think they would enjoy what I am writing about because most may feel the same way I do about nursing or in general just helping others in need.  My audience could walk out of the room with a positive vibe of wanting to help others and maybe not through nursing, maybe through volunteering.  Current nurses could walk out knowing that people do appreciate what they do and know that what they do really has an impact on peoples lives.  I always think of nursing as the one job that I will absolutely love and have the feeling of never have to work a single day in my life.  
CONTEXT: The communication will take place during class when presented and turned in.  Whenever I am in a class specific to nursing, it motivates me to speak about nursing more and more.  I will be in class when my communication takes place but since it will also be on my blog, I will not be there when it takes place obviously.  I really hope people comment on my blog about my photo essay and let me know what they think.  All I want to do is help people and make people feel welcome.  Time matters because I want people to read my essay at the beginning of the day, by people I mean nurses.  If they read it at the beginning of the day, it could help make their day so much better and help them realize that if they haven't been getting the appreciation they deserve by their patients, they will know that they really truly are appreciated by me and most others and hopefully it will put a smile on their faces.  Place matters in that I would put my essay in the front of the hospital on the front desk so when people walk in or nurses walk into work that day, they will read it and maybe it will give them an extra boost for the day.  Nurses are at the hospitals for their patients and some people may take that for granted.  If they read my essay, they will understand that there are people out there that do appreciate all the things nurses do for us.
My Design Plan
ETHOS:  Even though I am going to be talking about soccer, nursing and knee surgeries, I want to come across as I know what I am talking about.  I think the ethos that best supports my purpose statement would be explaining my photos and putting a caption as well as naming them so I have credibility and authority.  I will put my pictures in an order that makes sense and so it tells my story properly.  I will put a caption and name each photo so the readers can understand exactly what I am trying to get at.
PATHOS:  I want to use pathos in a way that it makes my photos pop.  I would use contrast, brightness, and color to make my photos more appealing.  I want people to be interested in my photos but I also don’t want my photos to be too much.  I want my photos to explain parts of my story and pop out to my audience.  If I have an important part of my story I will most likely try my best to make the photo stand out more than the rest so the readers know that it is an important part to my story.
LOGOS:  I am going to put, at the most, four pictures on a power point slide.  I wouldn’t want too much on one slide because then it will be too busy and my audience won’t know what to look at or where to look.  If I am going to show a motion I know I will need to show steps of the motion which means about four pictures on one slide.  I want to show my photos in some way or design that makes them follow a path because I am doing a narrative and the photos will go in a certain order.  I don’t want to draw arrows everywhere, maybe I will use size to be the distinction of what comes next.  I want my photos to work together because if they don’t then my narrative story most likely won’t make any sense.  I need to figure out a way to place them, in what order, where, and how so my audience can understand my story properly.

MEDIUM: I am using photos.  I love taking pictures where ever I go.  I have been taking photos ever since I could hold a camera, but I have never taken a photography class.  I am going to focus on pictures of my soccer team here at Lewis University, nursing, and photos of my injuries that I have had.  I will bring them all together and they will hopefully turn out like I plan.  I have multiple pictures of my team and I have pictures of my cousin Jenny nursing in Haiti and I have photos of me playing soccer as well as a picture of my knee after surgery with staples and after that and so on.

ARRANGEMENT: I am going to arrange my photos in a way that shows how nursing isn’t just a job and how it relates to soccer, injuries and how caring nurses are.  I am going to mix and match slides with nursing, soccer and my injuries because I feel arranging my photos in that way will best explain my story.  I am going to put at least one or two photos on a page unless I am showing a motion such as a physical therapy circuit.  If I use two or more photos I will make a comparison between the two and if I only use one, I will not be comparing and just moving on through my narrative and telling my story.  

TESTING: I am going to give my photo essay to my friends and ask them what they think I am trying to say.  I think that through this way of testing, my friends will give me constructive criticism and I will be able to make my photo essay much better.  If they do not see what message I am trying to get across then I know it needs a lot more work and if they do understand then hopefully they can give me feedback to make it much more enjoyable for my readers.
My Photo Essay

I believe that I did what I was set out to do, not saying that there were not any bumps in the road.  After writing my purpose statement draft I ended up changing it up a little which meant I had to pick different photos.  It was really frustrating and when I started my design plan draft I really started to see how my project was starting to fall together.  At first it was really difficult figuring out what photos I wanted to use and then in which order I would put the photos in.  Once I figured out what photos and in what order it was difficult to figure out where and how to place them to make sure I was showing ethos, pathos, and logos.  Along with my photos it was difficult to think of good captions that made my story flow throughout and not be choppy from one photo to the next.  Throughout my photo essay I tried to show how nursing isn’t just a job and how nurses really do help people other than giving them medicine and how they influenced me to pursue the profession of being a nurse.  I showed a picture of me in the hospital and I remember that day so vividly because of the nurses and how amazing they were.  If it were not for the nurses I would most likely think of my surgeries as traumatic events.  Overall I think I did a good job in trying to show how nurses have impacted my life and how I am going to become one.