Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Design Plan
ETHOS:  Even though I am going to be talking about soccer, nursing and knee surgeries, I want to come across as I know what I am talking about.  I think the ethos that best supports my purpose statement would be explaining my photos and putting a caption as well as naming them so I have credibility and authority.  I will put my pictures in an order that makes sense and so it tells my story properly.  I will put a caption and name each photo so the readers can understand exactly what I am trying to get at.
PATHOS:  I want to use pathos in a way that it makes my photos pop.  I would use contrast, brightness, and color to make my photos more appealing.  I want people to be interested in my photos but I also don’t want my photos to be too much.  I want my photos to explain parts of my story and pop out to my audience.  If I have an important part of my story I will most likely try my best to make the photo stand out more than the rest so the readers know that it is an important part to my story.
LOGOS:  I am going to put, at the most, four pictures on a power point slide.  I wouldn’t want too much on one slide because then it will be too busy and my audience won’t know what to look at or where to look.  If I am going to show a motion I know I will need to show steps of the motion which means about four pictures on one slide.  I want to show my photos in some way or design that makes them follow a path because I am doing a narrative and the photos will go in a certain order.  I don’t want to draw arrows everywhere, maybe I will use size to be the distinction of what comes next.  I want my photos to work together because if they don’t then my narrative story most likely won’t make any sense.  I need to figure out a way to place them, in what order, where, and how so my audience can understand my story properly.

MEDIUM: I am using photos.  I love taking pictures where ever I go.  I have been taking photos ever since I could hold a camera, but I have never taken a photography class.  I am going to focus on pictures of my soccer team here at Lewis University, nursing, and photos of my injuries that I have had.  I will bring them all together and they will hopefully turn out like I plan.  I have multiple pictures of my team and I have pictures of my cousin Jenny nursing in Haiti and I have photos of me playing soccer as well as a picture of my knee after surgery with staples and after that and so on.

ARRANGEMENT: I am going to arrange my photos in a way that shows how nursing isn’t just a job and how it relates to soccer, injuries and how caring nurses are.  I am going to mix and match slides with nursing, soccer and my injuries because I feel arranging my photos in that way will best explain my story.  I am going to put at least one or two photos on a page unless I am showing a motion such as a physical therapy circuit.  If I use two or more photos I will make a comparison between the two and if I only use one, I will not be comparing and just moving on through my narrative and telling my story.  

TESTING: I am going to give my photo essay to my friends and ask them what they think I am trying to say.  I think that through this way of testing, my friends will give me constructive criticism and I will be able to make my photo essay much better.  If they do not see what message I am trying to get across then I know it needs a lot more work and if they do understand then hopefully they can give me feedback to make it much more enjoyable for my readers.

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