Thursday, February 19, 2015

Poster Analysis: Cars 2 Movie

I can tell from the poster that Cars 2 is a comedy because of the way the creator designed how the cars look.  It is almost silly in a way with how one car has two front teeth and one car even has a mustache.  All of the cars without even seeing the movie look like they all have their own personalities, they all look very different.  Along with that the poster looks to me like the movie would be a comedy, the colors the creator used catches the audiences eye.  The creator uses dark colors throughout most of the poster and I think the creator did that to make it seem technological.  The floor that the cars are sitting on is very techno as well.  The dark colors also make all the cars stand out and even though it is a very dark poster all the cars are smiling which makes the audience feel emotion and makes them want to smile back at the poster.  With the world in the background the audience can assume that the movie may take place in different parts of the world.  With the world in the background my eyes tend to circle around it, but it always brings my eyes back to the main part, the cars.  My eyes start from the title "Cars 2" and follows on downward because of the arrow like feel or in other words the car logo to direct the audiences eyes towards the actual characters in the movie, the cars.  Overall I think the purpose of the poster was to make it seem technological because the whole movie is about cars and the dark colors make the cars really stand out especially the way the title in the car logo directs the audiences eye towards the characters who are all strange looking but show how the movie is a comedy because of the way they were drawn or characterized.

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