Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Purpose Statement

PURPOSE: I want to explain soccer, my injuries, my cousin who is a nurse and how nursing is a great job and yes some people think that it doesn’t pay well but it can and it is more than money that you get out of nursing, you get a sense of giving back to the community.  You are able to help people in need when they are sick or help parents that lose loved ones and talk to them to make them feel better.  It is a very emotional job and I know that because my cousin, Jenny, is a nurse as well and she ended up traveling to Haiti one summer after she graduated to help the people there.  Now she goes to Haiti almost twice a year for months at a time and wants to move there.  She fell in love with Haiti and the wonderful people there and she cherishes all the memories.  If I ever ask her about Haiti she ends up in tears because we are so fortunate for what we have and they don’t have much.  She doesn’t only go there as a nurse to help the ones who are sick, she goes there to help build houses as well as relationships with the people.  I hope my audience will feel that nursing is a great career and it is not only taking care of people, it’s being emotionally tied to people and helping them whether they are sick or not.  I have had 3 knee surgeries from playing soccer and one that actually happened during the middle of 2014 and those nurses that helped me as well as my cousin, have inspired me to become a nurse myself.  When I had my knee surgeries, the nurses were always very sweet and loving.  My love for nursing only gets stronger and stronger because the nurses I see are great people and it makes me want to be like them and make people feel the way that those nurses made me feel.  I want to be a pediatric nurse because going through my surgeries the nurses were so fantastic and always kept me calm and were such sweet people.  I was inspired to communicate with others when my grandpa, having cerebral palsy, fell over his walker and ended up breaking his wrist and getting multiple stitches in his chin.  I would go and keep him company at the hospital until he got to leave.  I would talk to the wonderful nurses there and they treated my grandpa and myself with respect and always had a smile on and always came into the hospital room to talk with my grandpa, just friendly communication.  That made me want to communicate with others or in general the older people in society because sometimes they are lonely and all they want is someone to talk to.  I believe the best possible outcome of communication would be that it helps people know that they are cared about.  The worst possible outcome of communication is someone reading the message wrong and getting angry or upset because people interpret certain things in a certain way.
AUDIENCE: My audience are my classmates as well as future nurses and even current nurses.  They are kind, sweet and caring people that are open to hearing new things.  If my audience were here now, I think they would enjoy what I am writing about because most may feel the same way I do about nursing or in general just helping others in need.  My audience could walk out of the room with a positive vibe of wanting to help others and maybe not through nursing, maybe through volunteering.  Current nurses could walk out knowing that people do appreciate what they do and know that what they do really has an impact on peoples lives.  I always think of nursing as the one job that I will absolutely love and have the feeling of never have to work a single day in my life.  
CONTEXT: The communication will take place during class when presented and turned in.  Whenever I am in a class specific to nursing, it motivates me to speak about nursing more and more.  I will be in class when my communication takes place but since it will also be on my blog, I will not be there when it takes place obviously.  I really hope people comment on my blog about my photo essay and let me know what they think.  All I want to do is help people and make people feel welcome.  Time matters because I want people to read my essay at the beginning of the day, by people I mean nurses.  If they read it at the beginning of the day, it could help make their day so much better and help them realize that if they haven't been getting the appreciation they deserve by their patients, they will know that they really truly are appreciated by me and most others and hopefully it will put a smile on their faces.  Place matters in that I would put my essay in the front of the hospital on the front desk so when people walk in or nurses walk into work that day, they will read it and maybe it will give them an extra boost for the day.  Nurses are at the hospitals for their patients and some people may take that for granted.  If they read my essay, they will understand that there are people out there that do appreciate all the things nurses do for us.

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